Black Friday Sale!

black friday

Happy Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday!


Halloween Sale: -20% on all products from Warehouse 1

Use please this coupon in cart - thanks

and you will have automatic discount -20% on all your products in cart

Payment: Bitcoin or any other crypto

No min orders for bitcoin or other crypto!

Sale and coupon will work till the end of week.


Also you can have up to 3 free equipoise ZPHC for orders 400$+:

Spend 400$ or more (after discount) and you will have 1 free equipoise ZPHC

Spend 700$ or more (after discount) and you will have 2 free equipoise ZPHC

Spend 1000$ or more (after discount) and you will have 3 free equipoise ZPHC

All what you need to do - just write in comment for order "free equipoise" (your order must be more than 400$, 700$ or 1000$ - for 1, 2 or 3 free equipoise ZPHC)


ALSO till the end of week:

3+1 on all Ultima products (without HGH unfortunately)!

Buy 3 get 1 free of same product, buy 6 get 2 for free of same product, buy 9 get 3 (etc) for free of same product. Just write in comments for order (in cart) 3+1.

Example you put in cart 3 test e Ultima (and write in comments for order 3+1), so you will get 4 test e Ultima and will pay only for 3. Product must be same, 3 test e or 3 dbol or 3 deca or 3 tren, not 1 tren 1 deca and 1 test e, not for total.

+All Ultima products now on website with already added discount 15-20%. You are welcome with your orders, dear customers!


US Domestic Ultima Pharmaceuticals products already on website with discount 15-20% and ready for order, you are welcome to check them here:

PCT products:

Injectable products:

Oral products:


HGH Ultima Pharmaceuticals 100IU


Stay safe and healthy!

Best regards, DOMESTICROIDS!