Here we represent information about discounts and best offers in our shop:

1) Automatic bulk deals in cart. Just add more than 5 pieces in cart of same product and system will automatic calculate discount for you. Add more pieces in cart of some product and your discount will be bigger.


2) 10% discount on next order for loyal customers who share their experience with us on boards where we are listed. It can be photos of order, it can be blood work, it can be some small log or review on our products.


3) Share your blood work on our products on boards where we are listed and you will have 50$ store credit on next order. Send our products on lab testing and share results on boards where we are listed and we will cover your money loss with store credit.

4) All promos and sales would be posted in "NEWS AND PROMOTIONS" area on over website, we will try to do sales every month. You can find it here - 


5) Promo for up to 3 free equipoise Spectrum Pharma, details here -