Happy Labor Day!

Labor day domesticroids

Happy Labor Day!

We prepare 20% discount coupon for all products on website

Next week from now, till the end of 13 September, you can save 20% on your order.

Coupon for discount - labor2021

Use this coupon in cart to have -20% for any order, for any positions from website

Payment: Bitcoin or any other crypto (western/moneygram for orders around 1000$)

No min orders for bitcoin or other crypto!


Also you can have up to 3 free equipoise Spectrum Pharma:

Spend 400$ or more (after discount) and you will have 1 free Spectrum Pharma

Spend 700$ or more (after discount) and you will have 2 free Spectrum Pharma

Spend 1000$ or more (after discount) and you will have 3 free Spectrum Pharma

All what you need to do - just write in comment for order "free equipoise" (your order must be more than 400$, 700$ or 1000$ - for 1, 2 or 3 free equipoise)


Best regards, DomesticRoids.