New 300mg Test E (Delatestryl) Canada Peptides in stock!

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New product - Testosterone Enanthate Canada Peptides 300mg in ml, 10ml vials. Vials have laser ceramic text, instructions inside box, boxes have security foil, all vials have security codes and can be checked on official website. We sell this brand for years on our International website and this product comes from International warehouse. Great quality products, Canada Peptides around 8 years on market already. Cottonseed oil used in this testosterone enathate (same as Spectrum Pharma use). Watch please second photo of product, there is HPLC lab result on closed vial (same batch which now in stock) and inside exactly 300.39mg/ml, perfectly dosed product. 300 mg of test e with same price as 250 mg!

Delatestryl (Test E) Canada Peptides 300mg/ml, 10ml vial