We are open!

We are DOMESTICROIDS shop, we offer only USA domestic shipping, we are true US domestic source with large US based warehouse. We offer only 2 brands: Spectrum Pharma and Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical (ZPHC). Those brands have perfect reputation and top notch quality. Quality of products are near with pharma grade, both brands manufacturing in highest level labs with GMP standards! We do not want to work with other brands, we think those top quality manufacturers can 100% satisfied all our clients. 

We will provide best service, fast and 100% privacy shipping. Our customers will have 24/7 support, we will try to provide some sales and specials every month. We do not have now and will not have ever any minimal order amount, you can give us a try for any small order, even on 50$, to test our service and our products. We will build perfect reputation and prove our professionalism. We are many years in this business and know all from inside,  we also work with those brands not first year already and have thousands feedback from athletes, our team use this products personally for years.


Do not hesitate to ask us any questions on email - [email protected]